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  • Beginning to experience Harmonica some twenty five years ago I’m thinking back on some of my encounters through the years. Thinking I possibly could learn by myself like every stupid thirty year old arrogant kid would will i began to begin my learning strategy, that was to purchase every book and instructional CD I possibly could get hold of. I truly was resolute to become one of the best and that i studied and studied hour upon hour. This continued for 7 or 8 years. I went every evening and hang in with bands and frolicked with musicians and did everything imaginable to obtain better. I had been so determined to get this done. Used to do reach the point where I had been sitting in with bands and playing constantly whether the band wanted me chilling out or otherwise I had been there always waiting for opportunity to wake up in front of people and play. I have to have really scared some of individuals people in the crowd in those days with a few real sour notes, however i really did not care. For more information on the East Top Diatonic Harmonica, visit our website.I’d began to consider which i wasn’t learning and becoming anywhere as fast as I needed and so i made the decision I needed to visit the source, whatever person which was. I continued such as this for some time really trying to puzzle out who the source was and never getting any luck and so i began searching for anyone in my Community who may help me and educate me something. The community I resided in would be a little town at the tip of Baja California known as Cabo San Lucas.I wasn’t in the best spot in the world to consider me to the stage of being a great Country or Blues Harmonica Player. So guess what happens happen, Irrrve never found anybody in my town. Frustrated and disappointed I still practice and discover by myself. Eventually after being in Cabo for such a long time myself and my spouse made the decision to depart Mexico and return to the states to reside and work. It had been a mutual decision and that i went together with the program just a little reluctant. I had been really planning deep lower to carry on my training and instruction of the Harmonica and be a great player. I believe back onto it now I truly moved simply to pursue things i wanted, which was to become a respected Harmonica Player. Searching back now I had been very selfish and extremely did not tell my spouse why I truly decided to leave Cabo. Myself and wife had discussed it so we were both in agreement it had become because of finances.Some place in the 5, 6, or seventh year of my playing I came across a guy who’d resided in a location known as Branson, Missouri, I believe he would be a sales man living in Cabo. He began to inform me relating to this magical place high am much music, theaters and Live Music Shows. Wow I had been really intrigued relating to this information and told my spouse about this. Both of us discussed it, and stated yes were are departing and it is and option as a location to visit live. Both of us had agreed our first stop was Vegas where we’d be married. She would be a Mexican citizen and she or he didn’t wish to travel in the U.S. as illegal. This really is totally another story.Therefore we left Cabo headed to Vegas in our 74 Mercury Monteray moving to the states with essentially only clothes and a pair of dogs. Candice and Juanita. Man was I nervous and that i know she was scared to dying. She’d never been outdoors Mexico before,and here’ sit as I am driving planning and scheming how im going to locate a Harmonica teacher whos likely to educate me all the methods and secrets which will eventually cause me to feel a great player. I wasn’t even consider obtaining a job I had been focused on my small Harmonica Teacher.We finally arrive in Vegas also it looks as should you just arrived on the moon and that i tell here see this god damn place not really a tree, totally red rocks and dirt. I figured I had been on Mars. Therefore we get married and it is a contented occasion so we stay a few days and also have lots of fun after which I only say to her, you may not wish to live here? She say hell no lets escape of here.On the road again I begin to drive and that i really understood where I had been going, however i tell her are you aware where you want to go?, and she or he doesn’t have idea, that we already understood she did not, and so i say lets go to Branson Mo. Is the fact that Comfortable with you?. She states that’s fine, and so i begin to drive really understanding what i m doing deep lower. Everyone understand how I’m right now you will find im on my small track of finding my Harmonica Teacher.Like three days later we encounter a hell of a snow storm which began in Tulsa Oklahoma and lasted all the method to Branson Mo. We made the decision to prevent in the little town of Nixa, Missouri I needed to stop for the night because of snow. The next morning we obtain as much as about 18 inches of snow on the ground and shes telling me where the hell have you bring me?. Will it always snow such as this? I truly have no idea things to tell her and reassure her that is alright. They plowed all the roads so we could arrive in Branson by mid day. It had been really what my pal had described in my experience whenever we were in Cabo. We found a home like the following day and began to stay in. Exactly what a magical put it really switched to be and thus much music I possibly could not accept is as true. I began employment in a cafe or restaurant working as a waiter, bartenders. And So I began my mission to find my Harmonica Teacher, my real passion. I began to inquire about about Harmonica players who have been living in Branson in those days everyone appeared to state the same factor, oh you have to meet Mike Caldwell. I stated who’s he? Does he play in a motion picture? Whats the deal? A man stated in my experience, you heard of Me Tillis? and that i stated well of course plus they stated well he owns a bar and you may find Mike there and then any other great music performer you would like. The guy explained this is when all the musicians pursue there shows to possess a drink. I stated OK awesome I’ll take a look. Excited and nervous I went home thinking about shedding into this bar of Mel Tillis.I anxiously waited like two days really kinda scared as as to the I would be running into so finally I acquired up my nerve to visit one Friday night and that i leaped into the 74 Mercury and headed there. It had been really dark out that night and that i felt as basically was in some movie I truly did not know what to anticipate. Maybe I’d encounter Mel. I parked the car in the parking area but still reluctant got out of the car. Oh I didn’t remember to let you know I truly felt like getting a glass or two at this time, but I never were built with a drink in about 7 or8 years about the time I began to experience Harmonica. The Harmonica became a huge part of my therapy for consuming. So the actual entering a bar to locate my Dream Harmonica Teacher.I opened up the doorways of the bar also it would be a throw away from a 60,s type bar really dark with candle lights on the tables. I walked as much as the bar and purchased a golf club soda and merely sitting there searching around. The place was pretty full there would be a band on stage having a girl singer. There appeared to become lots of musicians taking the stage guitar and fiddle players I viewed in amazement as a great deal of great players were off and on the stage. I looked to my left there sitting Johnny Lee form Mickey Gillys band who authored Searching for Love for the Urban Cowboy Movie. I met a man there and that he sitting alongside me which guy begins to let me know who all the musicians are. There have been guys in there who’re playing or had performed with Charlie Pride, Mell Tiilis,Johnny Lee, Mickey Gilly, Boxcar Wille, Loretta Lynn, Hank Johnson, Elvis. I stated to the guy is he kidding or what and hes no I am dead serious. He stated well if you wish to learn I believe you found the right place at this time Personally i think just like a kid in a Chocolate store. Immediately the guy states,oh Craig you stated you desired to review the Harmonica right? I stated,yea this is exactly why i m here to locate my Harmonica Teacher and that he states look there that’s Mike Caldwell one of the best Harmonica Players alive,at this time im in shock. I stated really and the guy states yea allow me to expose you to him. We walk over and im finally brought to who I understand in me he is supposed to be my Harmonica Teacher for the next three years.Mike got on stage that night also it am apparent why he would be a great. Greats are greats because once you discover their whereabouts perform you tell yourself, OK now I recognize why hes an excellent player. Mike Caldwell who performed with Loretta Lynn for 8 many then continued to utilize Boxcar Willie for several of years. Myself and Mike continued to become friend and that i learned more in a few years than I’d in the previous 8 years. He would be a great teacher for Harmonica Training and Instruction, harmonica scales, Harmonica History plus much more. 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